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It is our pleasure to welcome you to L/A Endodontics, the office of Dr. Tina Kell. We are excited to be serving the greater Lewiston, Auburn, Norway and Central Maine area.


From the moment you enter our office to the moment you leave, we want to make sure your visit is a positive experience.


Our team is highly trained and we take our responsibility very seriously to provide you highest quality care available. 


Services for Saving Teeth

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment (or endodontics) is required when there is an infection deep within your tooth.

Endodontic Retreatment

In a small percentage of cases the initial root canal treatment can fail due to various reasons.

Regenerative Procedures

Procedures that regenerate lost bone and tissue supporting your teeth can reverse some of the damage.

Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic dental injuries can be minor (chipped tooth) or major (dislodged tooth or knocked out tooth). 

Restorative Dentistry

A common method of restoration is dental filling. It is used to restore small and moderate teeth damages.


CT Scans and Cone Beam Imaging systems generate 3D, high definition x-rays within seconds.

Our mission is simple, to do everything possible to provide you with a positive experience in our office and serve you with the highest quality of endodontic care obtainable.

Root canals can be fun!

Our practice utilizes state of the art technology in your treatment. The use of a surgical operating microscope will allow ‘your root canal specialist’ to visualize, under high magnification, the inside of your tooth. Often we are able to recognize and treat your problem conservatively therefore eliminating the need for surgery. Microscopes are used during all aspects of your care as well as ultrasonics and digital radiographs which will allow you to visualize your tooth on a monitor directly in front of you.

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